Company History

Mr. Vergalli

I Cottinforno was founded in 1986 by Antonio Vergalli and his wife Angela Malpeli, who decided to begin a new adventure together: producing cooked ham. They were prepared to make every effort required and had a host of dreams...that’s how they began their working adventure in a small rented building.

The business began with one employee and their daughter, Cecilia. They steadily but surely gained more and more customers and the workforce grew to include their other daughter

Marianna. In 1998 they decided to buy an old rundown building, refurbish it and make it suitable to produce cooked ham. Unfortunately, Angela passed away in 1999 and never saw the new factory up and running. However, Antonio continued to run the company, helped by his daughters Cecilia and Marianna, who worked in the company with him, and Chiara, who provided external support. The new factory in Via Cavicchiolo was officially opened in 2001.

We celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary in 2011. Many things have changed over the course of these years: Cecilia decided to leave the company to follow another career path, times changed, and the company has undergone constant technological development, but the passion for a job well done has remained the same. Today, our company is small but working well, a place where we still believe in the value of human relations with our employees, with our contacts abroad and with customers, in addition to working relationships.

Today, we operate in several areas of Italy, and we would like to thank all our customers who have remained loyal to us down the years, enabling us to be where we are today. 



Who We Are

I Cottinforno factory

The “I Cottinforno” factory, a small-scale producer of cooked and roasted ham, is situated in Sant’Andrea Bagni in a delightful valley between the surrounding green rolling hills and crystal-clear flowing water.

This company was founded on clear ideas and determination and these values remain the key characteristics to this day. The main aim of I Cottinforno is to provide high-quality innovative products.

Using very carefully chosen meat, experience, our production capacity and a rigorous quality control process enable us to take pride in the results we have obtained.

Our sole objective is not quantity but the quality of our products. The love for our trade has driven us to create customer relationships based on trust and credibility ever since the beginning of the company, relationships that we will strive to continue in the future.  

The Cottinforno product range features a varied choice of cooked ham; from a high-quality product through to offerings for a lower price range; furthermore, we offer a wide range of roast products: “Rusticotto” Roast Ham, Roast Ham on the Bone, Spit-roasted Pork with Head, Porchetta, Roast Pork, and Culatello. All these products are gluten-free, and most of them are made without any added milk derivatives.

 We are able to serve the whole of Italy thanks to our large-scale distribution network and own transport.

 Thanks to considerable investment in infrastructure and technology, our factory is today considered to be a simple, modern and complete facility.