Making cooked ham

A touch of imagination is needed to make good cooked ham…our cook has invented a harmony of herbs and spices that, when blended together, make each cooked ham truly unique, aromatic, soft and flavoursome... in short a harmony of tastes that tempt you to savour every slice, each one making you want another…

Production Phases

The first phase of the process applied to producing cooked ham is the choice of the raw product, carefully selected pork cuts kept permanently at a controlled temperature.

 The meat is inspected, selected and then stored in refrigerating rooms.

 The second phase involves injecting herbs, spices and flavour into the meat. This stage is very important because every ham producer has its own secret recipe which gives cooked ham its own unique characteristics.


Moulded meat

Once it has been injected the meat is put in large churns, almost like massage machines, to tenderise the meat while enhancing the flavour at carefully controlled temperatures.  

After being “massaged”, the meat is ready to be moulded. It is put in special moulds to give the ham the shape we see in the shops.

They are now ready to be cooked, and once the meat is removed from the mould and packed in special packaging, it undergoes pasteurisation and warehouse storage ready to be dispatched.

Every product has its own packaging. Today, in addition to cooked ham, we also produce a series of roast specialities and cooked and roast ham for slicers.