Are you looking for a tasty and quick appetizer to prepare? Here’s what you need! Just a few slices of arrostino, ricotta cheese and chives for a dish that will not be easily forgotten

An simple and delicious platter

Ingredients for 4 persons

200 g I Cottinforno arrostino sliced not too thick

200 g ricotta Vaccina cheese

Chive as to desire.

Extra virgin olive oil

Modena Balsamic vinegar



In a large bowl mix the ricotta cheese with extra virgin olive oil, chopped chives and let the mixture flavor for a few minutes.

With a teaspoon fill a half slice of roast with a walnut filling.

Turn the slice upside down as if it were a raviolo by lightly pressing the edge with your fingers, place it on a serving plate and pour over a thread of Modena Balsamic Vinegar as to your desire.

Serve slightly heated or directly at room temperature.

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